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Anchor Autoclave Systems was formed in 1986 by Alexander S. Allen P.E., a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas. The Company began design and manufacture of steam autoclaves and control systems for the rubber roller industry. In December of 1998, it was incorporated with Alexander S. Allen as President and chief shareholder. The Company diversified its products to include autoclaves, sterilizers, boilers, and other pressure vessels for such industries as aerospace, marine composites, racing composites, electronics, avionics, defense, elastomer rubber and laminates, food processing, medical waste sterilization, and uranium processing. More popular products include electric autoclaves, with self contained heating and high velocity circulation systems which provide rapid and uniform heat up at high thermal efficiency.

Since 1986, Anchor has designed and manufactured over 150 autoclave systems worldwide. The units are built to customer requirements and specifications and come complete with control packages, wired, tested, and ready to operate. Anchor also provides operator training and start-up services on site.


  • Available in sizes from 16" to 144" in diameter, any practical length to fit your specific application.
  • ASME code certified, National Board registered.
  • Operating pressures from full vacuum to 1000 psig, and temperatures to 1000 deg F.
  • Hydraulically operated, rotating ring, quick opening closures, equipped with safety interlock.
  • Fully insulated, and jacketed for all weather operation
  • Electric, gas fired or steam heated, direct and indirect.
  • Customized control systems for temperature and pressure control, and data acquisiton.
  • Full one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Professional engineering staff, offering complete technical service, from preliminary design, through on-site start up and operator training.
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